I never actually met this lady, but sixteen years ago when I was avidly seeking out the ancestry of my husband’s line, she was kind enough to help me.  Paul’s grandmother was a Needham, and at the time, this 83 year old woman opened up a whole fascinating world of Needham family history to me and my family.  There are some wonderful sources out there, and Frances painstakingly hand copied pages upon pages of information – nearly 300 pages in all, in compact cursive script.  This was a woman who not only cared about history – her family history, but wanted to make sure it would be handed down to interested generations.  So, what was I doing with all this information sitting in files in my basement?  I decided I needed to honor Frances Needham Holman, by passing along this treasure of Needham family history.  I will source as much as I am able, but don’t shoot the messenger if some of the information doesn’t end up being wholly correct.  Use it as a guideline for your own research or take it as an interesting perspective on American history.  But please use it, because this kind lady meant for you to see this.